Antique Persian Qasqai Kelleh Carpet

An Antique Persian Qasqai gallery carpet or “Kelleh” of tremendous scale and ambition. Qasqai carpets of this size are rare and would have been made for the Khan, or leader, to take pride of place during gatherings and festivals. It has a particularly interesting border of facing chickens and the main field design is scattered with figurative animal and plant motifs.
The landscape in South West Persia is often rocky and barren and the time and skill required to weave a richly coloured woollen carpet of this warmth and vibrancy is perhaps an artistic reaction to the harshness of the environment.
Hand knotted circa 1890 and in exceptional condition, this piece is a show stopping addition to large dining rooms, entrance halls and drawing rooms.

Size: 469 × 206 cm, 15'4" × 6'9" ft

SKU: P610

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