Antique Persian Heriz Rug

A beautiful Antique Persian Heriz Rug with an all-over floral design. Unlike many Heriz rugs, this piece does not have a central medallion, and the central field colour is a softer red with a hint of orange, giving the carpet a more mellow feel whilst preserving its grand features.

This stunning Heriz rug is full of character, and the lack of a central medallion allows for many more decorative flowers and palmettes to be woven into the pattern. As these elements are slightly stronger in colour than the red field, they act as the focal point for the design.

When crafting this rug, the master weavers took great care in preserving the design integrity by using excellent quality wool and natural dyes to help define each individual flower and vine. The precise curves and meticulous lines throughout the rug are another sign of the care taken when hand knotting this piece over 100 years ago.

Heriz rugs are highly durable and apart from the skill of the weavers, this is because the city of Heriz is in an area with large amounts of mineral deposits, namely copper. As such, the wool sourced from this area has traces of copper running through it, which is a natural mordant and helps fix the dye in place.

Aside from their beauty, Heriz Rugs are a practical choice for interiors as their colour palettes and wool quality mean they are less prone to staining. They are also highly sought after rugs as their intricate designs and strong colours can elevate both contemporary and traditional spaces. Such skilled and precise craftsmanship is what makes Antique Persian Heriz Rugs like this one a must-have for anyone looking for beauty-of-form, durability and a smart investment for their home.

Size: 345 × 250 cm, 11'3" × 8'2" ft

SKU: P624

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