Antique Persian Heriz Rug

This impressive Antique Rug is the epitome of traditional Persian Heriz rug design at the turn of the 19th century. True to form, this Heriz rug is distinguished by its rectilinear outlines and a sizeable stepped medallion protruding from the centre, all woven in a rich colour pallet.

What makes this rug a stand out piece is the “double outlining” technique used to separate the design of the rug from the field using two distinctive lines in different colours. Design elements like this set the standard for the finest of Heriz Rugs.

The weaver has created a deluge of floral-inspired patterns on this piece, made up of sharp vines and palmettes on zigzag contours. Whilst other Antique Persian Rugs would include more curved patterns and smooth lines, these Antique Heriz rugs display a series of sharp turns and angles that give the rug design an emphatic geometry. These stylized floral motifs are further accentuated by the traditional pairing of contrasting clear Persian blues and crimson red.

Many of the characteristics of this rug can be traced back to 17th and 18th-century antique Caucasian rugs which used similar drawings which typically had a masculine aura about them and use colour pallets of rich reds, greens, blues, yellows and ivory.

These Antique Rugs from Heriz are known for being tough, thick, and durable. This is down to the rugs being made with a symmetric Ghiordes knot, which is placed on top of a specially woven foundation consisting of dense cotton warps and wefts. This process makes Heriz rugs unlike those handknotted in other areas of Persia.

Another factor contributing to the durability of Heriz rugs such as this one, is the location of Heriz itself. This particular city sits above a number of rich mineral reserves containing some of the largest copper deposits in the world. This means their wool encompassed traces of copper which acts as a dye fixative and a natural mordant.

The impervious qualities of this Antique Persian Heriz mean it can be placed in any space. The colours would work particularly well in a room with rich wooden furniture or earthy accents throughout. Although this Heriz is an antique, the geometric patterns and clear cut lines would complement more contemporary spaces, adding a pop of colour to a more neutral surrounding.

Size: 350 × 245 cm, 11'5" × 8'0" ft


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