Antique Persian Heriz Rug

If you’re looking for a punch of colour for your space, this vibrant Antique Persian Heriz will certainly do the trick. True to traditional Persian Heriz rug design, this piece showcases an intricate central medallion made up of smaller square motifs. What differentiates this piece from other Heriz rugs is the way the striking crimson red colouring in the medallion is carried right throughout the rug, resulting in very little contrast between the centre and border.

Similarly to Serapi carpets, this classic Heriz combines flowers and palmettes influenced by the Caucasus, along with Shah Abbasi flowers. These floral patterns and Islamic arch forms are similar to those created by well known Safada Weavers.

When creating this work of art, the weaver used vines and palmettes woven into zigzag contours to introduce a variety of floral-inspired designs. Generally, Persian rugs have curved patterns and smooth lines. However, these Antique Heriz rugs boast an impressive array of sharp twists and angles that create a distinctive geometric pattern. 

The location of Heriz contributes to the durability of rugs such as this one. This is because Heriz as a city is situated above a number of rich mineral reserves which contain deposits of copper. This means their wool contains traces of the metal which acts as a natural mordant and dye fixative.

Practically aside, this Heriz rug is certain to elevate any interior decor with its bright colours and captivating design. Combining the spontaneous craftsmanship of tribal rug weavers with the ultimate precision of Persian rug making gives this piece a unique charm that will last for generations to come.

Size: 375 × 278 cm, 12'3" × 9'1" ft


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ColoursBlue rugs, Cream Rugs, Green Rugs, Red Rugs
PatternFloral Rugs, Geometric Rugs
Persian RugsHeriz Rugs
Iranian RugsHeriz Rugs
OriginIranian Rugs, Persian Rugs

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