Antique Kurdish Runner

307 x 124cm, 10'0" x 4'0"

    Meet the Kurdish Runner, a cultural tapestry. Decked out in a dynamic display of geometrical patterns, this rug is more than just a floor piece—it's a celebration of Kurdish heritage. Picture this: a canvas alive with earthy browns, fiery reds, cool blues, and soothing creams, blending seamlessly like a choreographed dance of colours.

    Dig into the details, and you'll discover a mosaic of shapes and angles that tell a story as vibrant as a bustling Kurdish bazaar. The brown tones, like the soil beneath your feet, ground the design in the roots of tradition. Red bursts onto the scene, embodying the passion and tenacity of the Kurdish spirit. It's not just a rug; it's a visual pep talk.

    Blue hues swoop in, mirroring the vast Kurdish skies—free, boundless, and full of dreams. Cream adds a touch of sophistication, like the cream of the crop in Kurdish craftsmanship. The geometric patterns? They're the language of a people, whispering tales of unity and resilience with each twist and turn.

    Step onto the Kurdish Runner, and you're not just walking on a rug; you're strolling through the heart of Kurdish culture.

    This Rug is slightly worn on one edge which reflects the price. (This can be repaired by London House Rugs at an additional cost to buyer) 

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