Antique Balouch Prayer Rug

233 x 116cm, 7'7" x 3'9"

    An Antique Balouch Prayer Rug is a traditional handwoven textile originating from the Baluchistan region, which spans parts of Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. These rugs are highly valued for their intricate designs, cultural significance, and craftsmanship. Typically, a Balouch prayer rug is smaller in size, reflecting its use as a personal prayer mat, but it encapsulates a rich heritage through its detailed patterns and symbolism.

    One of the defining characteristics of an Antique Balouch Prayer Rug is its beautifully woven geometrical patterns. These patterns often include a central mihrab, an arch-shaped design that indicates the direction of Mecca, surrounded by various symmetrical motifs that may represent stylized flowers, animals, or abstract shapes. The use of geometry in these rugs is not merely for aesthetic appeal but also holds cultural and spiritual meanings, often passed down through generations of weavers.

    Adding to the rug's character is its vibrant colour palette. Traditional Balouch prayer rugs commonly feature colours such as rich reds, deep greens, striking blues, and creamy whites. These colours are derived from natural dyes, which not only contribute to the rug's beauty but also its uniqueness, as each rug can vary slightly depending on the availability and combination of dyes.

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