Antique Afghan Ersari Rug

420 x 280cm, 13'9" x 9'2"
  • SKU: P675

    An Antique Afghan Ersari Rug with rich orange, dark blue and brown tones, hand knotted in excellent quality wool. As is typical with Ersari Rugs, this rug features a gül (elephant's foot) design running through the central area and geometric stars, triangles and diamonds in the borders.

    Ersari Rugs are similar to Turkmen/Turkoman rugs as they were woven by the Ersari Turkoman tribe. Rich and vibrant colours are usually found within these rugs when compared to Tekke Turkmen/Turkoman Rugs, which often have a mix of red, brown and blue colours. This rug has been carefully hand knotted with high quality wool, making it very strong and durable.

    This Antique Afghan Ersari Rug is a bold feature for more traditional spaces with its mix of rich and vibrant colours. It is perfectly suited to large living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms.

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