Antique Persian Heriz Rug

This wonderfully vibrant Persian Heriz rug is an antique, hand-knotted by nomads back in the early 1900s. The faded area to the left of the medallion is a naturally formed inconsistency telling a century-old story and giving the rug historical charm, which makes a piece like this one highly collectable.

Starting at the very centre of the medallion, the weaver uses a deep royal green colour which is then stippled throughout the outer region of the medallion. Using green in this way is quite rare on a Persian Heriz, but what’s rarer is the colouring of the four corner spandrels surrounding the medallion. Traditionally, the corner areas of a Persian Heriz rug would be woven in a light colour such as cream or ivory, whereas this piece features a bright Persian blue which is striking, and works particularly well with the deep blue border.

Typical of Heriz rug design, this Antique Persian rug is composed of strong geometric floral patterns and palmettes, all integrating and adjoining with each other via a white vine. As well as using a variety of flowers within the design, this piece is heavily decorated in multicoloured leaves which are particularly prominent on the outer edges of the medallion.

Again, true to traditional Heriz rug design, the border beautifully frames the central medallion in a contrasting navy blue, with a lighter second border which adds balance to the overall design as it ties in with the centre.

Like many other Persian rugs, this Antique Heriz was woven using fine wool with properties that make dyes last longer, also known as a mordant. These properties come from the high levels of copper found in the wool due to water in the area containing high amounts of the metal. This material combined with the use of a symmetric Ghiordes knot makes for a stable and durable hand-woven rug.

This rug will compliment any design concept as Persian Heriz rugs suit both traditional and modern interiors. If you’re considering using green or blue furnishings in your space, this Heriz would definitely help bring the room together. The slightly worn surface not only tells a story but gives the rug a bit of a distressed feel which would work well with a bohemian style interior.

Size: 277 × 204 cm, 9'1" × 6'8" ft


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Colours Blue rugs, Brown Rugs, Red Rugs
Pattern Floral Rugs, Geometric Rugs
Persian Rugs Heriz Rugs, Heriz Rugs
Origin Persian Rugs

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