Afghan Kazak Rug

An Afghan Kazak rug with a striking geometric design featuring floral decoration, diamonds, palmettes and lozenges. The colour palette is a mix of rich green, red, blue and cream colours, with the green field being the central tone of the rug. The design is typical of Kazak rugs and is derived from motifs from the Caucasus. Kazak Rugs woven today tend to feature larger, more spread out designs when compared to their vintage and antique Caucasian counterparts.

The central feature of this Kazak consists of 3 medallions made up of diamond, lozenge and frond shapes. The red, blue and cream colours give a well-balanced contrast that distinguishes the motifs from the green ground. The geometric nature of the medallions further distinguishes them from the other motifs throughout the rug.

The border has floral patterns woven against a softer cream colour, with fronds growing out of these patterns. This is often seen within Kazak rug design.

The rug is handknotted with handspun wool from Afghanistan. This wool is known for being very durable and lustrous, meaning the rug will last for decades to come!

The classic tribal designs of Kazak Rugs are highly versatile when it comes to interior decoration. They can be incorporated into traditional and contemporary settings, whether bold in design or having a more minimalist, quieter feel.

Size: 209 × 152 cm, 6'10" × 4'11" ft

SKU: 74144

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Product Features

Origin Afghan Rugs
Colours Blue rugs, Cream Rugs, Green Rugs, Red Rugs
Pattern Geometric Rugs
Afghan Rugs Kazak Rugs

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