Afghan Kazak Gabbeh Rug

An Afghan rug that has a hybridised Kazak and Gabbeh design. It features lozenges and intricate flowers throughout the rug, with each lozenge knotted in a Kazak style and each flower in a Gabbeh style. A vibrant red ground colour stands out in this piece, and this is mixed with green, orange, blue and cream tones. The fine patternation of this rug is highly detailed and would have taken considerable time to weave.

There is no central medallion in this rug as is more common with Gabbeh rugs as opposed to Kazaks, and it has what is often referred to as an all-over design. However, it has two strips of lozenge motifs and multiple strips of minute flowers, with each of these strips providing a focal point for the eye. As this piece combines traditional rug styles, it also has a more contemporary feel to it.

The rug is woven using hand-spun Afghan wool, which gives a smooth sheen throughout the piece.

This Afghan Kazak Gabbeh would sit pride of place in all sorts of spaces or offices. It is very soft underfoot and would be of particular note in large living rooms and dining rooms.

Size: 304 × 244 cm, 9'11" × 8'0" ft

SKU: 74186

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Product Features

Origin Afghan Rugs
Pattern Floral Rugs
Colours Green Rugs, Orange Rugs, Red Rugs
Afghan Rugs Kazak Rugs

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