Afghan Gabbeh Kazak Carpet

This quaint Afghan Gabbeh Kazak uses an exciting combination of geometric patterns and pictorial design, handwoven in rustic, earthy tones. The way the different design elements are presented in rows is typical of Gabbeh Kazak rug design; however, the contrast between the neutral field of the rug and the gold and blue borders makes this piece quite intriguing.

The centre of this Afghan Gabbeh Kazak displays line after line of colourful fronds, flower heads and trees, taking inspiration from the natural world to which these tribal weavers were so connected. These are then delicately separated by smaller rows of diamonds, each mirroring the rich Persian colours used in the rug’s borders.

These borders are eye-catching and by far the most detailed part of this Gabbeh Kazak rug, with each section containing a combination of chevron patterns and elongated lozenges. Although these geometric patterns have sharp edges, the light background and minimalist central patterns give this piece a gentle feel.

Size: 419 × 308 cm, 13'8" × 10'1" ft

SKU: 74262

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Product Features

Origin Afghan Rugs
Colours Blue rugs, Cream Rugs, Gold Rugs, Red Rugs
Afghan Rugs Gabbeh Rugs, Kazak Rugs
Pattern Geometric Rugs

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