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Turkmen Rugs and their History

Originally, Turkmen rugs were produced by the Turkmen tribes in Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and Iran. These nomadic tribes worked almost entirely with locally obtained materials such as wool from their sheep and goat herds and vegetable dyes, or other natural dyes. 

Rug collectors considered irregularities within the weave of Turkmen rugs part of the charm. This happened as natural materials varied for each rug and wefts or warps would stretch over time, especially when made on a loom that is regularly folded up so tribesmen could move on to another settlement. 

Turkmen Rug Sizes

As previously mentioned, these nomadic rugs are limited in size by the portable looms they were woven on, although larger rugs have been produced in the villages and have become more common over the years. This means many antique Turkmen rugs tend to be more modest in size.

Turkmen Rug Designs

These rugs generally feature geometrical designs that vary depending on the tribe of the weaver, but the most famous are the Tekke, Yomut, Ersari, Saryk, and Salor designs. Many of these rugs are handwoven in deep red and dark blue colours, featuring the common Emirate of Bokhara design made up of Gül motifs or diamond shapes all in alignment.

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