Ahar Rugs

These rugs are made in Ahar, a mountain town in Iran’s far northwestern province of Heriz. Indeed, the carpets produced here are pretty similar to those produced in Heriz.

Ahar carpets have become a well-known brand of Persian carpet in the marketplace over the last 30/40 years, and they can now be found in various places of Iran outside of their hometown.

Original name: قالی اهر

Alternative name(s): Ahar Carpet


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Origin: Iran (Northwest)

Ahar carpets are made in the small town of Ahar near Tabriz and Gharabagh in the hilly province of Azerbaijan in northwestern Iran.

Ahar Rug Characteristics

The size of these rugs is one of their unique characteristics.

These rugs, mostly smaller pieces and runners are made with a specific symmetrical Turkish double knotting style that results in a thick and tightly packed area rug. They are considered tribal art because of their magnificent semi-nomadic design aspects.

The weaving style is very bold, giving it a highly dramatic appearance.

The average size of an Ahar rug is 9 by 12 ft. A cotton or wool basis or foundation with a knot density of 65 symmetrical knots per square inch is often used in the rug. When compared to other Persian handmade rugs, the carpets are noted for their high quality.

It is a unique rug from the Heriz family of carpets with influences from Heriz rugs and Tabriz rugs.

Common Designs: Medallion, Geometric

Ahar’s patterns are all or almost all geometric, with a medallion or an allover pattern. The carpets are noted for having a considerable central medallion in the centre and quartered corners. Compared to typical Heriz group weavings from the 1920s, the medallions in Ahar carpets have a distinguishable round or elliptical shape and larger, bolder designs. Stylised palmettes, leaves, vines and archaic nomadic design elements are among the motifs.

Ahar carpets are further distinguished by their twin wefts, which were hammered tightly to increase the durability of this Persian rug type.

Common colours: Red, Beige, Blue, Navy Blue

The background of the rugs is usually brick-red or deep crimson. The medallion and border were both knotted in dark blue. Ivory, camel and tones of red, blue, green, rust and brown are used for the design elements. For design outlines, dark brown or black is often used.

Material: Wool, Cotton, Goat hair

Cotton, wool or goats’ hair make up the basis, with solid and rough knots making up the wool pile.

The History Of Antique Persian Ahar Rugs

According to evidence such as the 2500-year-old Pazyryk carpet from the Achaemenid dynasty, which dates back to 500 B.C., the technique of carpet weaving existed in Iran in ancient times.

When demand for Heriz carpet designs grew in the world marketplace around the 19th and 20th centuries, carpet production began in Ahar.

Like many other parts of Iran, almost every man and woman in this harsh and hilly region have the talent and skill to weave high-quality carpets by hand without using any contemporary technology. Rug weaving is sometimes the family’s sole source of income. They barter the rugs with local merchants in adjacent cities for household goods and necessities.

They have been weaving carpets for a long time and continue to do so every day. Their weaving style was influenced by the Mongol invasion of Iran in the 13th century when they settled in the northwest. This historical region of Iran and parts of Turkey and Uzbekistan played a crucial role in developing the modern carpet industry.

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