Antique Kilim Rugs

Antique Kilim

If you have visited one of our showrooms, it will be obvious that we are huge advocates of the Antique Anatolian Kilim.

Despite their age, these flat-weave rugs display bold abstract designs that are both invigorating and modern thanks to their tribal motifs, composition and exceptional natural colours. Antique Kilim offer a softer, more muted alternative to modern Kilim, which are often very vibrant in colour and design. We use antique Kilim for much of our furniture because of these qualities.

We only post a small percentage of our Antique Kilim stock on line due to the high demand and fast turnover of these pieces. We love sharing these timeless works of art so do visit us in London or Yorkshire to see our unique range or contact us with your requirements and we can come to you.