Suzani Kilims & Rugs

Suzani Kilims & Rugs

It'd be wrong to say these designs are contemporary as the oldest surviving Suzani fabrics date back to the late 18th Century, however due to their geometric and often vibrant designs they can have a contemporary look. 

Traditionally Suzani is a type of embroidered tribal textile made in Central Asian countries, notably Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Iran. The name Suzani derives from the Persian word Suzan which means Needle. 

In this collection we have adapted original Suzani designs and applied them to rugs, both flat woven (Kilim) and piled rugs. It is a new production for us and one we are very excited about. 

We only post a small percentage of our Suzani rugs online. Please get in touch with your nearest showroom by phone or using the contact submission form with your size and colour requirements and we can forward images of available stock.