Freud was a fan of Persian rugs – honestly!

Blog Freud was a fan of Persian rugs – honestly!

We know that he was the father of modern psychoanalysis, and changed the way we view and understand human interaction – but Freud also seems to have been an admirer and collector of antique Persian rugs! (Clearly a very well adjusted chap.)

The couch in his consulting room is a riot of design and colour, and we can only assume that the warmth created by this Old Persian Khamseh rug (circa 1880) helped his patients to feel comfortable and relaxed enough to discuss their innermost feelings.

At London House we can’t offer you expert and groundbreaking psychoanalysis (although I can think of a few deserving patients here) but we can offer a comprehensive stock of antique Persian tribal rugs, all of which possess the same beautiful, natural tones and vast array of rich, vibrant and unique designs. Sigmund would be proud.

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